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Kevin torn out a slate deck to build a roof. More than expected was found. they did an A+ job. BEST around and the cost was the best.Us them and you will be happy 03/03/2014


Had a roof leak around my chimney stack. I discovered the leak after heavy downpour on Dec.30.13. The next rain was forecast for Jan. 2.14. Knowing the extend of the damage already done, Kevin came out on the holiday of Jan. 1st to prevent further damage. Professional job, On time and within budget. Highly recommended for any roofing jobs – Thomas 01/05/2014


I ran into Kevin randomly as he was buying materials at the Lowe’s in Madison. I was going in to price some shingles and I ask him if he would be interested in giving me a quote on my roof. Without delay or hesitation, he came out the same day and I had a quote the next morning and a new roof within a week! He took the time to fill me in on several issues the needed to be addressed as well. 3 previous roofers had also given me quotes and not once were any of the issues even brought up! In addition to being about $2000 less than the other guys, choosing Kevin was a NO BRAINER! I would recommend Kevin in a heartbeat! Thanks again man! 12/05/2013


This was the most wonderful experience we have ever had with and workmanship we have ever had , from the boss to the workers, everyone was very polite and we have not found one nail or piece of material from the rooking job. We will call on Mr. Barrelle for all of our other jobs, painting, inside and out and any repairs he can do. He is excellent, we highly recommend this company,we have told all our friends about his workmanship. 11/07/2013


A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!! We had a roof leak that several other roofers (BIG name companies) couldn’t determine what the problem was. Kevin came out to our home and with amazing confidence told me what he thought the problem was. He’s really easy to talk with, puts your mind at ease and is VERY knowledgeable. I was really impressed on his first visit. He is also very professional and always right on time! Kevin and Anthony came out, did the repair and cleaned up VERY well. He took the time to explain exactly what he was doing and why in great detail and with lots of patience (even with my many questions). I am so impressed with this company. Kevin even called back to see how things were going after this recent big rain. THAT is rare! I will be referring Kevin and Barrelle Roofing to everyone I know. Don’t waste your time calling the “big name” companies to come out. Kevin is the real deal and I couldn’t be more thankful that we found him. When I need my roof replaced… Kevin and his company will be the company I ca n always use. 09/27/2013

Very WELL satisfied 

Very WELL satisfied….BARRELLE ROOFING treated my parents awesome …..thanks Kevin and crew – Facebook review  9/20/16




My husband and I needed a new roof. His quote was great, however, luckily we didn’t have to pay anything but a deductible for insurance, which he guided us through and came out with the adjuster. He was knowledgeable, and you can tell he cared about his customers and business. We ended up not getting just one roof, but two! The first roof looked streaky due to the supplier (not him)..it can happen with any company. He brought this up, and guided us on the path to get that taken care of as well (which was really hassle free). Each time, it took a day for our new roof and they cleaned up excellently behind them. Soon, we had our new roof put up and it looks great. He is an honest, helpful business owner, and we would recommend Barrelle roofing. 06/25/2014


I had some roof damage from recent storms. Kevin Barrelle (owner) and Robert Hadaway (sales) came and took a look at my roof, they pointed out several problems. They explained and answered any concerns/questions I had. From the vibe and knowledge they had I could tell that they were a professional and honest company. Within a week they came out to do the job. My old roof was torn off and the new one back on in a day, I never once found a bit of trash (nails, old shingles, etc) in the yard. Also, Robert was there for the duration of the job (make sure the guys had everything they needed to complete the job right). Robert also stayed about an hour or two after the job was completed, until I got home to go over and make sure I was satisfied with the job. If you are looking for a professional roofing company look no further. I highly recommend Barrelle Roofing and assure you, that you will not be disappointed. Dont believe me, call them for a free estimate, and I promise you will be writing a review on how professional and honest this company is. 06/23/2014


I was going to skip getting a third estimate on the work we needed to have done, and I am very glad I did go ahead and have Barrelle Roofing come out. I saved myself getting work done that we didn’t need. Kevin gave us an honest assessment and fixed a couple of leaks on the spot. The result was I saved several hundred dollars and got to keep some of my faith in human nature. Barrelle Roofing are a no-nonsense, energetic and professional outfit. I would strongly recommend calling them first. 05/13/2014


With all the recent wind it cause shingles on my roof to come off. Kevin was out here when scheduled and immediately resolved the issue. Eventually I will have to get a roof replacement and will definitely have him on the job. Highly recommend his company. It is hard to find a professional company that is honest with high integrity. 04/18/2014

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